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Help Topics

  • Selecting a customer - To select a customer record, either type their name into the textbox, or select it from the pre-defined drop-down list.
  • Entering time - There are 4 boxes on the screen to record time. The top 2 are when you leave your current location and arrive at your client's. The bottom 2 are when you leave your client's and arrive at your next location.
    • Now
    • - The Now button allows you to quickly update the timer textbox to the current date/time so you just have to tap this button when you're leaving or arriving.
    • Lock
    • - The Lock button will lock the time control just below it so you can't accicentally modify it once you've set it.
    • Clear
    • - The Clear button will erase the time from the timer textbox because in some situations it doesn't make sense to have a time there, for example, traveling from one client to another without stopping back at the office.


JBWT Travel Time is an app developed by JB WebTech, LLC to record time as a consultant traveling back and forth from client locations and keeping track of how much time was spent on-site.

Time (minutes)
Amount ($)
Since leaving:
Since arriving:
On location:
Round Trip: